Szczenięta zdjęcia


19 listopada 2015 r urodziły się w naszej hodowli prześliczne szczenięta.

Matką jest Dame Aux Camelios Concorso Asso

zaś ojcem jest J. CH.PL. CH.PL.Davinci Sorpresa Soprattutto.

Na nowy dom czekają pieski o umaszczeniu piaskowym, błękitnym i czarnym
Do odbioru będą gotowe na początku marca 2016 .
Wszystkich chętnych zapraszam do kontaktu i rezewacji szczeniąt

With 12 years experience in breeding as specialised dog breeder, our clients can be certain that a puppies have been given the best possible care and start in life. All our puppies are vet checked and micro chipped prior to being handed over to their new homes and will also receive full vaccination package recommended up to the point of collection by the new owner. Puppies are provided with the EU travel passport and all necessary pedigree documentation.

I'm pleased to announce that on 19 November 2015 beautiful Cane Corso puppies were born and will be ready for pick-up by new owners mid-March. Colours available formentiono, fawn, blue, and black. For more information or to book, please contact us at e-mail:

Mother: Dame Aux Camelios the Concorso Asso

Father: J. CH.PL. CH.PL.Davinci Sorpresa Soprattutto.